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Dr. Charbel Khoury's Dental Mission


Dentist specializing in tooth implantsMake Cyprus smile!

It is a simple mission really.  Dr. Khoury, one of Lebanon's leading dentists, wants to make the people of Cyprus smile!

By providing top quality dental care and with costs that make it easy to get your teeth in perfect shape and form, this target in now within reach for a larger part of Cyprus' population.  To bring that smile to you contact us to find out how easy and affordable it is to get quality dental care in Dr. Charbel Khoury's dental cosmetic clinic in Beirut, Lebanon.

To facilitate your visit we have made an agreement with Varianos Travel in Nicosia to offer our customers travel arrangements including flights and transfers at preferential rates.  They can set up single day trips to Beirut with no hotel overnight if required, or provide you with accommodation at a hotel right next to the dental cosmetic clinic.



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